Don Sandburg,

Bozo's creative force


People watching him on "Bozo's Circus" knew him as the mute and lovable "Sandy The Tramp," comic foil to both "Bozo" and "Oliver O. Oliver." But behind the scenes, Don Sandburg was the creative force that steered the show into one of the most enduring and loved children's shows ever produced.

Arriving at WGN in 1956 along with Bob Bell and Wally Phillips, Sandburg was their producer in Cincinnati. Over the years, Sandburg would write, direct, and produce shows for Phillips and Bell.

In 1969 he decided to leave for sunny skies in California. He would produce the Saturday morning live action/animated kid's series "The Banana Splits Show." He would return and fill in for the ailing Roy Brown as "Sandy" in the eighties as well as participate in the 25th and 30th Bozo anniversary specials.