Sandy Speaks!


DON SANDBURG: You know I gotta tell you a funny thing.  You gave me your name and number on a piece of paper which, of course, I didn't look at.

THE VIDEO VETERAN: Yes, you were doing the autographs then.

DS: And I got home and I was wondering where in the heck that thing was and I couldn't find it.  Later on I was going through my ATM slips and I come across this Niles bank!  And I'm thinking Niles bank?  I didn't draw any money out of a Niles bank.  I know where it is.  I used to live near there.  So then I turned it around and saw your name and address.  So I gave you a call.

VV: Well I'm glad you did.  So what did you think of the April 21st show?

DS: I thought it was well organized and well done,  the whole group of people at the museum did a very good job.  They marched us around and they had a plan and they stuck to it.  The only thing they didn't tell us was that we were going talk for about three or four minutes in front of an audience.

VV:  I think they were a bit overwhelmed by the turn out.  The lines were just unbelievable.

DS: There were a thousand people there.

VV: They were quite surprised!

DS: We were supposed to sit down at the tables three at a time but they decided to put us all down and try to get the audience through.  And it seemed to go on interminably and well my God it was around the block outside!  They closed the main entrance.

VV: I thought it was a great event.  They have some wonderful exhibits.  With the crowd, I didn't have much chance to see most of them.

DS: Well, I certainly didn't see them!  I tried to but it was impossible.  And even afterwards for a couple of minutes.  But by that time everybody was tired and were leaving. 

VV: Will you be in for the 40th?

DS: Yes, I'm going to be there.  Well I'm leaving in two days.  Staying at my son's.  On Saturday, Carol Bell, Bob Bell's widow, sent an invitation.  They're going to have an opening at The Botanical Gardens of The Bob Bell circus train.  They have about seven or eight small model trains out there.  That was her contribution to the memory of her husband.  Then about an hour ago, they asked me to come down and appear on Dean Richard's show and talk about Bozo.  That's Sunday.  Monday's rehearsal, Tuesday's the taping and Friday I'm home.